2016 New Categories and Rules

Two new categories, Traditional Line Formations & Progressive Acapella, were voted on and passed to be added. They are now ready to be competed in regional competitions starting in May 2016.

This year in October at Spartanburg SC, 2016, the two New categories will be offered to any team that wants to compete in them, without having to qualify for this year only. In 2017, teams will have to qualify them the same as every other category. However this year the Traditional Line Formations & Progressive Acapella will not be considered for the overall award in the respective categories.

This year in October 2016, we will divide the categories up into Four Main Categories as follow:

Traditional: Smooth, Southern Appalachian, Country Hoedown, Kentucky Running Set, Kentucky Running Set Precision, 4 Couple Precision, 6 or 8 Couple Precision

Open Traditional: 4 or More Couple Open Hoedown, 4 or More Couple Open Precision, Traditional Line, Traditional Line Formations

Contemporary: Line, Line Formations, Exhibition, Small Team Exhibition

Open Contemporary: Props Exhibition, Show, Acapella Team, Stomp, Progressive Acapella

Each of these categories are considered separate from the other and you can win a Overall title in one of four of the categories. We still will give an Overall in Each Category and an Overall for each Main Category.

The Rules and score sheets are posted and you can see what is judged in each of them.

If you have any questions about the new categories or break down and separation of the Main Categories, contact Henry Jones.

Below are the updated rules for ACHF, and the new category scoresheets.

» ACHF Competition RulesUpdated May 10, 2016
» Traditional Line Formations Scoresheet
» Progressive Acapella Scoresheet

May 10th, 2016|

2016 Southern Junction Clogging Championships Results

Here are the overall winners of the 2016 Southern Junction Clogging Championships:

Tiny Tot thru Junior Team – Blue Ridge Mountain Cloggers
Senior thru Adult Team – Syncopate

Tiny Tot Team – XDC
Pee Wee Team – JM Studios
Elementary Team – JM Studios
Junior Team – Blue Ridge Mountain Cloggers
Senior Team – Rhythm Masters
Young Adult Team – Syncopate
Adult Team – Rhythm Masters

Junior Small – Blue Ridge Mountain Cloggers
Junior Large – JM Studios
Senior Small – Syncopate
Senior Large – Rhythm Masters

Novice Female – Taylor Statzer
Traditional Female – Nikki Morgan
Traditional Male – Joey McCannon
Contemporary Female – Nikki Morgan
Contemporary Male – Joey McCannon
Acapella Solo – Nikki Morgan
Acapella Duo – Augusta Holder and Stephanie Howell
Duo/Duet – Joey McCannon and Stephanie Howell
Short Duo/Duet – Camryn Kearns and Emily George

Most Entertaining Junior – JM Studios
Most Entertaining Senior – Blue Ridge Mountain Cloggers

Best Choreography Junior – Blue Ridge Mountain Cloggers
Best Choreography Senior – Syncopate

Best Energy Junior – JM Studios
Best Energy Senior – Rhythm Masters

» Photos

April 5th, 2016|

Proposed Motions from the 2016 ACHF February Meeting

There are four items to be voted on by the membership of ACHF. Please download the ballot below to your computer and mail or email to the addresses provided.

» 2016 ACHF Ballot

Note: Only full members are allowed to vote.

February 26th, 2016|

Letter from the President – February 2016

Hello Cloggers, Parents, and Friends:

It has been a cold and snowy winter and I am sure everyone is ready for warmer weather, I know I am. I hope everyone that has attended a competition thus far, have placed where you would like to be, and for everyone else, it is time to get out there and show your stuff on the dance floor. Many more competitions are coming your way!

The ACHF Annual Meeting was held on February 20 in Fletcher NC and thanks to all who attended. Many items were discussed and I would like to give you a run-down to make you current on the topics. This will give you time to consider the topics and cast your vote by April 19, 2016

1. It was requested to add Traditional Line Formations to our categories. After much discussion on this – This dance will have lines trading, passing, bending, rotation, V columns, and interaction of lines will be allowed and encouraged.

2. Also requested is to add Progressive Acappella Team to our categories. This dance will allow progressive steps and body movements, two or more dancers must be dancing at all times, sound should only come from feet clogging, hand claps and voice from dancers in unison. Movement of lines such as twist, bends, turns, boxes, V’s, trading of lines, columns, and rotations are allowed. Judges will watch this dance and not turn their backs to the dancers.


4. Move the World Championships to the 1st or 2nd weekend in November.

Please keep up with these motions as they will be posted on the ACHF webpage and all members will be able to cast their votes. All votes must be in before the April meeting where the Election Committee will report back to the board the results at the Annual Meeting on April 22. If you are not a member and would like to become a member, visit the Membership page and click on application to join.

The 2016 World Championships will be held in Spartanburg SC on October 21, 22, and 23, 2016. ACHF price will be:

• $12.00 per person per dance.
• Solo – $12.00
• Duo/Duets – $30.00
• Choreographed Solo – $40.00

At the Door:

• Solo – $15.00
• Duo/Duet – $35.00
• Choreographed Solo – $45.00

I hope everyone enjoys their Spring and Happy Clogging,


February 26th, 2016|

2015 ACHF World Championships Results

Over-All Tiny Tot-Junior Traditional Team
Evermean Evergreen

Over-All Tiny Tot-Junior Contemporary Team
Evermean Evergreen

Over-All Senior-Sr. Adult Traditional Team

Over-All Senior-Sr. Adult Contemporary Team

Over-All Opry Female
Macy Booker

Over-All Opry Male
Kody Hash

Over-All FlatFoot
Cheryl Skeen

Over-All Duo/Duet
Stephanie Howell & Joey McCannon

15 & Under Grand Champion
Contemporary Female
Kaitlyn Rhodes

Contemporary Male
Carter Higgins

Traditional Female
Avery Walls

Traditional Male
Preston Finley

Preston Finley

Avery Walls

16 & Over Grand Champion
Contemporary Female
Mikaley Lane

Contemporary Male
Bailey Clayton

Traditional Female
JoAnn Price

Traditional Male
Bailey Clayton

Bailey Clayton

Jessica Larson

Grand Champion Choreographed Solo
Sarah Campbell

Grand Champion Duo
Mamie McAbee & Macy Booker

Grand Champion Duet
Jessica & Darren Hedrick

Grand Champion Show Duo/Duet
Sarah Campbell & Jakevis Thomason

Grand Champion Short Duo/Duet
Callie Durham & Abbey Bolick

» Full Results

November 11th, 2015|